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Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 series v6.1.7

Download Type:


Product Name:

Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series , 6.1.x

Date Released:

Oct 3, 2011


Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 series v6.1.7

For a full description of changes in this release, please refer to the Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series Release Notes - Software Release 6.1.7 which can be found on the Documents tab.  (Note that other product documentation including User Guides, Configuration Guides, Upgrade information, etc can be located under "Documentation" in the left hand navigation area of the Support portal).

MD5 checksum validation information is available in ERS 5500 Series MD5 Checksum File (5xxx_617_webpost.md5) which can be found on the Downloads tab.


5xxx_617_webpost.md5 , 6.1.x

ERS 5500 Series MD5 Checksum File


5xxx_617005s.img , 6.1.x

ERS 5000 Series Secure Runtime Image Software


5xxx_617004.img , 6.1.x

ERS 5000 Series Standard Runtime Image Software


5xxx_60009_diags.bin , 6.1.x

ERS 5000 Series Diagnostic Image

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