Interface ITsapiTerminal

All Superinterfaces:
AgentTerminal, CallControlTerminal, Terminal
All Known Subinterfaces:
LucentTerminal, LucentV5Terminal, LucentV5TerminalEx

public interface ITsapiTerminal
extends Terminal, CallControlTerminal, AgentTerminal

ITsapiTerminal extends Terminal, CallControlTerminal and AgentTerminal.

This interface was added so that LucentTerminal could extend it and migration of methods from LucentTerminal to ITsapiTerminal would not affect applications using LucentTerminal. Methods in LucentTerminal currently map to Tsapi Data for Definity. It is expected that once the functionality is part of Tsapi the methods will migrate.

Methods inherited from interface javax.telephony.Terminal
addCallListener, addCallObserver, addObserver, addTerminalListener, getAddresses, getCallListeners, getCallObservers, getCapabilities, getName, getObservers, getProvider, getTerminalCapabilities, getTerminalConnections, getTerminalListeners, removeCallListener, removeCallObserver, removeObserver, removeTerminalListener
Methods inherited from interface javax.telephony.callcontrol.CallControlTerminal
getDoNotDisturb, pickup, pickup, pickup, pickupFromGroup, pickupFromGroup, setDoNotDisturb
Methods inherited from interface javax.telephony.callcenter.AgentTerminal
addAgent, getAgents, removeAgent, setAgents

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