Class LucentV5AgentStateInfo

  extended bycom.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentAgentStateInfo
      extended bycom.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentAgentStateInfoEx
          extended bycom.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentV5AgentStateInfo
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class LucentV5AgentStateInfo
extends LucentAgentStateInfoEx

This is the object that is returned by the query getStateInfo in LucentAgent. It returns the state, workMode, and application-defined reasonCode for the Agent.

See LucentAgent for details.

Field Summary
 int reasonCode
          Application-defined reason code (1-9)
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state, workMode
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Field Detail


public int reasonCode
Application-defined reason code (1-9)

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