Interface LucentV6Agent

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Agent, ITsapiAgent, LucentAgent
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public interface LucentV6Agent
extends LucentAgent

This interface extends the LucentAgent interface with features specific to DEFINITY G3 PBX Driver Version 6 private data. When a Provider is bound to a DEFINITY switch which supports V6 private data, this interface may be used to access additional capabilities.

This interface provides access to Avaya pending state, work mode and reason code capabilities.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 boolean setState(int state, int workMode, int reasonCode, boolean enablePending)
          This method overrides LucentAgent.setState to add the Avaya-specific parameters reasonCode and enablePending.
Methods inherited from interface com.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentAgent
getStateInfo, setState
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getACDAddress, getAgentAddress, getAgentID, getAgentTerminal, getState, setState

Method Detail


public boolean setState(int state,
                        int workMode,
                        int reasonCode,
                        boolean enablePending)
                 throws TsapiInvalidArgumentException,
This method overrides LucentAgent.setState to add the Avaya-specific parameters reasonCode and enablePending.

state - The Agent state - now this may be held pending for argument values Agent.WORK_NOT_READY and Agent.NOT_READY (see enablePending).
workMode - The LucentAgent workMode - for pending requests this should be specified as LucentAgent.MODE_NONE, since workMode may only be specified for Agent state Agent.READY.
reasonCode - An application-defined reasonCode (1-9), which may be specified when the state is set to Agent.NOT_READY. A zero (0) value is also allowed, meaning "no reason".
enablePending - A boolean flag which, when set to true, specifies that the state, workMode and reason code change may be held pending. The two alternative values have the following implications:
  • When enablePending is specified as false, this implies that the application requires that the state, workMode and reasonCode be changed immediately - and that if they cannot be applied immediately, such as when the agent is on a call, then the request with this pendingSupport value should fail - the JTAPI implementation will throw an exception.
  • When enablePending is specified as true, this implies that the application is prepared either for the state, workMode and reasonCode to be changed immediately, or, for the changes to be held pending completion of the current set of calls active on the agent phone.
true if the requested change in state, workMode and reasonCode is pending; otherwise, the requested change took effect immediately.
TsapiInvalidArgumentException - At least one of the arguments passed in is not valid.
TsapiInvalidStateException - Implementation determined Agent was in an invalid state for this method.

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