Class LucentV6AgentStateInfoEx

  extended bycom.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentAgentStateInfo
      extended bycom.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentAgentStateInfoEx
          extended bycom.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentV5AgentStateInfo
              extended bycom.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentV6AgentStateInfo
                  extended bycom.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentV6AgentStateInfoEx

public class LucentV6AgentStateInfoEx
extends LucentV6AgentStateInfo

This is a new object that will be return by the query getStateInfo method of the LucentAgent interface. When an agent is in aux-work or after-call-work and on a non-acd call the state is represented as BUSY. This new object contains a new variable that stores the raw Avaya private data of the state of the agent, so that when the agent is in BUSY state, the agent state can be accessed through this new varible

See Also:
method setAgentState for more details.

Field Summary
 int lucentWorkMode
static short WM_AFTCAL_WK
static short WM_AUTO_IN
static short WM_AUX_WORK
static short WM_MANUAL_IN
static short WM_NONE
Fields inherited from class com.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentV6AgentStateInfo
pendingReasonCode, pendingState
Fields inherited from class com.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentV5AgentStateInfo
Fields inherited from class com.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.LucentAgentStateInfo
state, workMode
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


public int lucentWorkMode


public static final short WM_NONE
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Constant Field Values


public static final short WM_AUX_WORK
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Constant Field Values


public static final short WM_AFTCAL_WK
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public static final short WM_AUTO_IN
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Constant Field Values


public static final short WM_MANUAL_IN
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