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Layout of the AUDIX Command Prompt Screen

Table: Component Descriptions: AUDIX Command Prompt Screen
System status
This line displays Avaya INTUITY system information. Starting from the left, the system status line indicates:
  • The Avaya INTUITY machine name
  • Voice mail status (Active or Inactive)
  • Any active alarms
  • M = Major

    m = Minor

    A = Administrative

    w = Warning

  • The number of people currently logged in
Command history
This line displays the fully expanded command typed in the command line, the current page number, and the page count, for example, change subscriber Jane Doe Page 1 of 2.
If the active screen is a help screen, this line displays the title of the screen or field help, for example, change subscriber Jane Doe: field help Page 1 of 1.
Activity area
This area displays:
  • Data entry fields, which are used to specify new or changed parameter values
  • Display-only fields, which contain current parameter values that cannot be changed from this screen
  • Report results, which display requested system information
  • Help for screens and fields, which is activated with the F1 (Help) or F6 (Choices) keys
System messages
This line displays system feedback, error messages, and prompts, for example, Command Successfully Completed
Command line
This line is where you type commands to gain access to a new screen or exit AUDIX Administration.
Function key labels
This line shows labels for function keys F1 through F8. Press the appropriate function key to activate the function.

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