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Reassigning Subscriber Default Passwords

If a subscriber forgets his or her password, you must reassign, through the Subscriber screen, a default password to allow the subscriber to again log in to the AUDIX system. The subscriber should then change the default password to a unique, personal password.

To reassign a password:

  1. Start at the Messaging Administration main menu and select:
  2. Global Administration
    Messaging Administration

    The system displays the SSH User Authentication dialog box. Enter your login, for example, sa or vm, in the User name field and your password in the Password field. Click Login. The system then displays the AUDIX Command Prompt screen.

  1. At the enter command: prompt, enter change subscriber name/extension where name/extension is either the name or the telephone extension of the subscriber. See Changing Subscriber Data for more information.
  2. The system displays the Subscriber screen, Page 1, which contains current subscriber data.

  3. Type a default password into the Password: field.
  4. We recommend that you enter a password that is shorter than the required length (as specified on the System-Parameters Features screen) so that the subscriber must change the password on the next login.

    The system places some constraints on passwords to improve security. A password cannot:

    • Be the same number as the extension
    • Be all of the same digit (if more than one digit is entered). For example, 1111 is not allowed.
    • Be a string of consecutive numbers. For example, 12345 or 7654 are not allowed.
  5. Press F3 (Enter) to save the change to the system database.
  6. The cursor returns to the command line, and the system displays the following message:

    Command Successfully Completed

  7. Enter another administrative command at the enter command: prompt.


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