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gerho1 05-22-2019 11:05 AM

VMware and IPO upgrades and best practice
IPO VMware questions/best practices

• Supported hardware version – docs say 6.x but can we actually upgrade hardware? OVA always installs version 5.1 that is end of support and we are now up to 6.7U2. Can it be upgraded and after initial power on? Any docs on this?

• VMware tools – can this be upgraded and if so with Avaya or VMware tools? Can’t find any Avaya docs on this topic for IPO but plenty for Aura.

• Ethernet hardware – ova installs E1000 but VMXNET 3 is preferred usually including within Avaya docs for Aura OVAs but IPO docs don’t say. Is it safe to change once IPO is up? MAC is already static, so shouldn’t affect license (hopefully)

thiel2 05-22-2019 04:22 PM

Don't know the answers to the first 2, but changing the NIC type is fine. Best to remove both of them, then add back the Lan and then add back the Wan. Sometimes you remove the Lan and add it back, the old Wan moves itself to Lan and your new one gets moved to WAN, causing all sorts of confusion!

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