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clemed 04-06-2022 12:25 PM

Avaya Vantage Certificate Problem
I need some help please if anyone has any input to my issue. When administering the Vantage K175 and I go to login in with UN and PW I receive SIP Login Failure message stating: There is a problem with the security certificate required for VoIP phone service.

I have followed these steps and not getting anywhere with the issue.

1. SystemManagerCA.pem file via System Manager Web Console, under Services, click Security > Certificates > Authority. Rename the downloaded file to .txt.
2. Avaya SIP product CA via On System Manager Web Console, click Elements > Inventory > Manage Elements,Select the Session Manager instance.In the More Actions field, select Configure Trusted Certificates.Select Avaya SIP Product CA certificate from the list (SECURITY_MODULE_HTTP).Export and rename it to .txt.

In the 46xxsettings file, mention this file names (including .txt file extension )in TRUSTCERTS , and load it to Vantage

mlombardi1 05-17-2022 06:25 AM

What version of SMGR? Make sure it's a SHA2 authority and not SHA1.

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