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rollem 06-06-2014 11:48 AM

USA based CS1000 PRI send calling party marked as INTERNATIONAL
For a CS1000 NI-2 PRI:

CS1000 calls national number, both the called and calling number TON=NATIONAL

CS1000 calls international number, both the called and calling number TON=INTERNATIONAL

We need when the CS1000 calls an international number the called TON=INTERNATIONAL and the calling TON=NATIONAL

Does anyone know how to this? In North America the Calling Party Number sent to a carrier should always be a 10 digit NATIOANL number or certain carriers may block the call.

I had a note on how to uncouple the calling and called number ‘Type of Number’, but it didn't work.

This was my note, but all it did was prefix a ‘1’ on the calling party number and the TON was still international (NOA is SS7 and TON is PRI equivalent):

For international calls, the calling number NOA (Nature of Address) is incorrectly marked as ‘international’. The NOA is basically a numeric value that represents the type of calling or called number; local, national, international, etc. All calling numbers in North America should have a NOA of ‘national’.
Note: it is okay for the called number NOA to be marked ‘international’.
In the CLID configuration, if the INTL parameter (country code - 1 for North America) has no value, the NOA of the calling number will be default to the NOA of the called number. Set the INTL parameter to 1 using LD15 and the NOA on the calling (CLID = calling number) will always be correct.
This is a
simple setting, done in LD 15:

If you are using CLID and are in North America, do this:

>ld 15
REQ: chg
TYPE: net
CLID yes

tvansl 06-09-2014 10:16 AM

This thread does not give all of the information. I am not going to use all the fancy terms and will spell it out in plain old english.

I am able to make international calls to an international LANDLINE number, But I am NOT able to make an international call to an international CELLULAR number.

rkhenry 06-09-2014 11:11 PM


You can accomplish the same using below ways.

For Called Number TON change, use DMI Call Type field in the RLI.

For Calling number, use CMDB table which will allow to manipulate the TON, NPI etc the way you need.

Please try the same.

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