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segilman 02-22-2010 09:59 AM

Question about One-X Comm.
Hello all,

We are currently running CM 5.1 and have 12000 oneX-Comm available to us according to display capacity.

What is needed to actually use and run One X Communicator on the desktops of our users?

I'm not looking for a complete step by step. Just a high lvl overview of what needs to be done.


toshalk 03-02-2010 06:33 AM

Hi ,

For using the One X Communicator ,

1)You need to install the Software on the Desktop of the User
2) Configure the Station to enable the IP Soft Phone ( Set to yes) on the First page of the Extension form
3) Configure the One X Communicator with the Call Server Ip -Address ( CLAN Ip Address ) and the Extension number with Security Code as password .

That should be enough to use the One X Communicator on Desktop of user .

Thanks ,

Toshal Khawale

jjelderks 03-10-2010 09:56 AM

One-x Communicator Log files
Is there any way to change the configuration of the One-X Communicator application so that more than 100 calls are kept in the call log? I would like to give people a longer call history.



jjanss 04-02-2010 12:19 PM

Does anyone know how to change button labels on One x communicator, say a autodial button.

jolivier 04-09-2010 08:01 AM

need to check your RTU's with your sales representative, we show 12k in display capacities but own 3297 RTU's therefore can only have 3297 licensed communicators running on the system at any one time.

rime 12-16-2011 06:43 AM

One-X Communicator 6.1+ and LDAP

The version 6.1.2 of "One-X Communicator" provides a custom field for LDAP search: in our case, we use "IPphone" as field for the extension of users migrated to IP telephony. The problem is that when you setup "One-X Communicator" to use this field, it no longer provides access to the standard field "Telephone" of ActiveDirectory. This is bad because the telephone number of users who are not yet migrated to IPT or users who are on another non-networked hub are no longer visible when you elect to choose a custom field :(. How can this be solved, except for misusing the "Home" field for that purpose? Thanks in advance and greetings

aberc 11-02-2017 11:36 AM

Change label on function buttons, ex: autodial buttons

Originally Posted by jjanss (Post 301)
Does anyone know how to change button labels on One x communicator, say a autodial button.

Have we found any solution to this?

mcginp 11-02-2017 01:31 PM

You should look into avaya equinox (requires session manager). You can use equinox on IOS/Android devices then.

adams317 03-12-2020 06:05 AM

A few years late, but if you use the System abbreviated dialling you can label the button and it will pull the details through to One-X

apoda1 10-08-2021 11:22 AM

One-X Communicator Busy Labels
Does anyone know how to change the Labels on One-X Communicator "Busy" Buttons.
I know how to do it with a Deskphone, but have not figured out how on the Communicator software.

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