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bkarop 07-13-2016 10:14 AM

IPO Server Edition Multi-System Routing

Does anyone know whether in IP Office Server Edition (9.x) you can route an outgoing call (via ARS or System SC) directly to an Outgoing Line Group ID that's defined in a different System in the network?

All the documentation I've read indicates that to route a call to a different System's trunks, you should select the SCN Line connecting to that System as the destination (and then process the call using a System SC on the destination System). However, I've seen a few real-world Server Edition configurations that appear to reference a remote Outgoing Line Group ID directly in their ARS entries. I'm not sure whether these ARS entries are actually working or not - they could be stale programming.

It's curious that the Manager documentation states that in Server Edition, all Outgoing Line Group IDs should be unique solution wide. Is this because you can reference Outgoing Line Group IDs in a different System directly? Does anyone know if this is an undocumented feature that actually works???

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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