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pytzen 04-13-2015 08:44 AM

FCC ID Codes
I am shipping equipment into the United States and need the FCC ID Code for the following piece of equipment

Material ID: 700505424
Description: IP PHONE 9608G GRY
HTS: 8517180000
Country of Origin: CN

I have looked on Avaya's website for FCC IDs and found the following site and spreasheet https://support.avaya.com/helpcenter...28210753287020
Unfortunately the part i need is not listed in the directory.

I have emailed the transport@avaya.com email address and have not gotten a response.

I have called the support lines, but people keep transfering me to the billing department.

I have called the corporate office, but apparently their voice activated menu system is malfunctioning since it keeps hanging up on me.

Not a good way to start a relationship Avaya

gwebster 04-14-2015 06:43 AM

The FCC ID only applies to products which transmit (either WiFi or Bluetooth). Since the 9608G has neither, then it does not have an FCC ID.

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