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renaton 03-31-2010 12:47 AM

Using click-to-dial but still using CDR account codes
Hi all,

Is there a way that you can use click to dial with One-X communicator and still be using CDR account codes with that call?

We have a customer that relies heavily on CDR account codes in order for their employees to distinguish between private calls and business calls. For business calls they use "project numbers" for each project and at the end of the month claim against that. Thus CDR is very important for this customer. We are now deploying One-X communicator for them, and they are very interested in the new converged unified communications thing. They can use CDR account codes when dialing from One-X communicator, but when they use the click-to-dial feature, they are unable to distinguish between business and private calls as click-to-dial just dials the number straight away.

I searched for some features on One-X communicator that would enable the use of such a feature, but could find nothing.

Is there any suggestions regarding this?


aviswanathan 04-05-2010 12:22 AM

After reviewing your post, I would suggest that you either create an online Service Request at http://support.avaya.com/ >> "Create Service Request", or call into the support center to ask this technical question.

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