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skussatz 08-05-2014 06:02 AM

AVAYA IDE Guest accounts
Can anybody help me implementing the Avaya Guest Manager together with IDE and the Wireless LAN 8100 Series Captive Portal.

I Manager to create a WLAN where a user can Login. If the User wants to start a websession the captive Portal Page is displayed. After the User entered his Credentials right he will log into the WLAN successful.

Now my Problem is...what happens if the User won't click on logout after he finished his session? After some Testing i figured out that the User can work in the WLAN even when his password is expired or even when the User is deleted!!!
If the User manually access the Captive Portal Page to Login and Logout afterwards the deleted Account can't be used anymore.

The Ignition Server / Guest Manager won't delete Guest Accounts even a Week after the Password expires.

I appretiate any help :confused:

rameshng 08-06-2014 12:14 AM

What I could make out from the document is that there is an Auto expiry deletion option available for Guest account. BElow document should help you. if you have configured the same and still the Guest account auto deletion after expiry doesn't work, it might be something product issue. You might want to take it up with Avaya TAC.


A guest user account has the following attributes:
Account details: User name and password for the temporary account.
Personal data: First name, last name, e-mail address, and mobile
telephone number of the user.
Access duration: When the account should be activated, and for how
Auto expiry deletion: The option to select whether or not the guest
account will be automatically deleted once it expires.
Notification settings: Where to send an e-mail or SMS message
notification informing that the guest account has been created. The
notification contains the guest user name and password and is usually
sent directly to the guest

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