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marti881 01-14-2015 11:30 AM

Avaya 4850 gts pwr + oids
Hi, my name is pablo, i am using solar winds orion and i need to monitor the avaya sws, but the orion by default dont know the oids from avaya, so i need the OID in format "x.x.x.x.x" so i found the MIBS in the web page of avaya, but i dont now how transfer (i dont know about it :confused:) the information to the format "x.x.x.x.x" or if some one had the OIDS for the AVAYA 4850 GTS PWR + version 5.8 . :confused:

dmertz 02-09-2015 10:50 AM

What is the Avaya SWS?

From my understanding, you've found the MIB in the "MIB Web Page" section of the switch GUI (Administration > MIB Web Page).

If you click on the name of the MIB you're trying to monitor, then you can copy the OID, and paste it into the monitoring portion of ORION.

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