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hanlo4 04-04-2022 12:07 PM

UEFI Install Issues.. Stuck at Dracut
When installing App server on a standalone computer normally I have an issue installing the system initially until I turn UEFI off and it will install with out any problems. Newer hardware doesn't have the backwards compatibility is there a way to fix the UEFI boot or am I missing something why it will not install on my system.

Any pointers would be great. Thanks

Note: there is no way to shut off UEFI on this system. Newer hardware doesn't have the option(after 2020)

hanlo4 04-20-2022 06:53 AM

Update this doesn't work with any new servers with new Gen 6 Intel processors. There is no option for Legacy boot so you are not able to install the server addition. So when booting from UEFI its not right and building the Flash Drive from Avaya USB Creator or Rufus still UEFI settings are not acceptable for boot.

Work around I installed on a Virtual Machine instead of the server purchased just for this.

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