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vmustafin 01-17-2016 11:37 PM

Old Definity BCS v.8 and new TN2464CP
There is Definity BCS (v. 8, CMC) with ISDN software features but without the proper card. Will operate the new circuit pack TN2464CP with this system?

razdyd 03-23-2017 02:20 PM

Hi ! :)

In document
555-245-207___Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager Hardware Description and Reference__Issue 8 May2009.pdf
in Appendix B: Optional components for servers
on page 455 in "Trunk circuit packs"

we can see Supported Servers for Circuit Pack TN2464CP DS1 interface with echo cancellation,T1/E1.
DEF CSI and DEF SI supported but software version R8.X concrete not showed.
I think this board backward compatible with version R8.X

In russian document
555-245-207___Описание аппаратных средств и справочник по Avaya Communication Manager__Выпуск 6 Февраль 2007.pdf
on page 474 equal information.

This documents on https://www.4shared.com/folder/lQLGShUx/AVAYA.html


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