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rgasto 05-22-2020 10:09 AM

EMail not working from EP apps
We have several Experience Portal IVR voice applications that email messages to clients. But email has stopped. Leanne Aird helped me find that someone had changed the outcall password and we corrected that. We can send an email from the EPM server CLI with ".//VPAppIntfClient.sh -S SCAUXEVPEPM1.shelby.enet -n outcall -p outcall -R 10 -T ray.gaston@shelbycountytn.gov -F telephone.service@shelbycountytn.gov -A AvayaPOMEmail -B Body:-this-is-a-test-email -t 30 -J Subject:-Test-Message -s 1234567897". That works.But, the applications are NOT sending emails.

We had to reboot the Application server the day before yesterday, because it had become hung.

I am lost and cannot find why the emails are not sending. They had been sending just fine until we rebooted the Tomcat application server and Leanne seems to think that is where the problem lies.

Does anyone know how I can get my emails working again from EP voice applications?

Thanks for your help,
Ray Gaston

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