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aarendsen 04-19-2013 05:08 AM

Unable to manually forward call that came in through vector
I've configured a number of vectors on our Avaya system in order to give various departments their own "generic dial-in number" for customers. This seems to work quite nicely, but we've found out that when somebody calls such a generic number and the call is routed to somebody at the back office, they are unable to manually transfer the call to anybody else so they're stuck with the call. This is rather unexpected and unwanted behaviour, we need our backoffice people to be able to manually transfer calls...

Example of such a vector (the simplest one there is):

01 goto step 10 if staffed-agents in skill 22 < 1
02 queue-to skill 22 pri m
03 goto step 10 if oldest-call-wait in skill 22 pri m > 60
04 wait-time 10 secs hearing ringback
05 announcement 1710
06 wait-time 10 secs hearing ringback
07 goto step 3 if unconditionally
10 goto vector 30 @step 1 if unconditionally

This "skill 22" is a ucd-mia hunt group containing the people of the back office for that particular department.

Vector 30 @step 1 is the reception desk; interestingly, they have no problems manually forwarding any calls.

When you call the hunt group's number directly, the manual call transfer isn't broken. But it does break when you come in through the vector.

I'm at a complete loss here... Am I overlooking something? Is it a bug? Is it a feature? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

mskinner 04-21-2013 04:12 AM

Any user, once the call has been delivered to them, should be able to forward a call elsewhere. If they cannot, it is a bug and you need to open a ticket with Client Services.

aarendsen 04-23-2013 02:14 AM

Noted for posterity and for others who might run into the same problem: it's been solved. :)

The problem was in the stations' COS settings. Trunk To Trunk Transfer was set to "no". After setting it to "yes", the back office was able to manually transfer all calls properly.

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