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unitysso 10-12-2011 12:03 PM

MM R5.2 FEDBSync
I have a new R5.2 MAS/MSS single platform where some users are having issues with password access. I have seen this on other sites and ran FEDBSync to clear this up. I am trying remember when running FEDBSync do I need to stop services, backup files etc., or can I just run the FEDBSync program and it will look after the services. If I need to backup files, what files and wher do I find them. If I need to stop services what services. Do I need to stop all ports while running this? Thanks.

PS the issue is some users cannot log in, I change the password in MSS Subscribers but it still does not allow access.

zpiao 10-27-2011 02:13 AM

1. no need to backup your files on MAS since FEDB resync only resync FEDB database only .
2. no need to stop service. resync tool will stop all neccesary services and start them up after finish resync work .
3. no need to stop ports , it will be done by resync tool .

r7admin 11-22-2011 07:18 AM

FEDB sync
If you don't have the FEDB rebuild utility, how do you get it? Thanks.

mdasani 11-24-2011 06:12 PM

The tool is shipped with Mm software, location C:\Avaya_support\Tools\FEDBResynchTool. Look up Avaya support site you might find MM tools there as well. There is a DLL in the folder, you might have to register that before you can run the EXE, instructions are in the same folder.

cpro114313 03-06-2015 10:37 AM

Is this service affecting?

kennethleemeans 05-19-2015 07:16 AM

Yes it is service affecting

yadav29 05-25-2015 05:28 AM

try to change the password...still the password is not accepting..you can restart the Messaging application service & then try to login.

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