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spn 09-11-2012 04:28 PM

9620L hung on Discover VPN

I have a phone 9620L I am trying to connect remotely from my home to the office, to an IP Office 500 V2 R7.32 but the phone remains in the status: Discover

This is the configuration in the office:
- One Fortinet con VPN IPsec
- IP Office 500 V2 R7.32 IP:

In my house:
- 9620L office preconfigured with 46xxsetting.txt
- 9620L directly connected to my service ADSL (without Router)
- Protected Network: SET NVIPSECSUBNET
- IP Static ADDR: / 24
- Router Static:
- Mask:

The phone connects to the tunnel Fortinet and building the tunnel without problem, in fact, load configuration files HTTP server but when looking for the IP Office stays: Discover When in this state, entered the 9620 settings (Mute +27238) and I realize that in the IP ADDR has is the public that gives my ADSL, the same external IP and not manually assigned, I guess why not get the IP Office .
In cases of 46xx and 46xx, when static IP, these are allocated IP Virtual Network Protected section VPN configuration but in the 9620 does not.

I appreciate very much the help that I can provide.


aashbery 02-19-2013 11:15 AM

9620L hung on Discover VPN
Its been a months since you posted this but try changing your internal IP address to something different than 192.168.x.x, like 10.1.10.x.

It resolves our problems as we have CLANs and Med Pro's that use 192.168.x.x as IP addresses on the company network.

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