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rikki51 07-06-2015 01:21 PM

Avaya Agent for Chrome w/ Windows & Citrix
Does this offer fit for Enterprise customers who would like to embrace this offer and the low TCO but must reconcile this desire against a premise based MS Office investment?

Will it fit for enterprises with remote agents who are also accessing desktop apps via a Citrix connection? Many enterprises want an IP-based soft remote agent client, ideally WebRTC or SIP, and Avaya One X Agent VDI does not yet support SIP to my knowledge.

Citrix or not, how feasible is it for enterprises to move their premise based MS Office to Office 365 for all or a portion of their enterprise? Would Google Chromebook support Office 365 as well as Google Apps?

shaikht 07-17-2015 01:26 AM


I don't have complete details but design team is looking to come up with chrome too.

But still I will suggest to go through docs since it is new product.

I hope it helps.

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