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hanco13 03-11-2014 11:32 AM

IVR Crashing

I am fairly new to Avaya and telephony in general. Hopefully I am asking the correct question. After looking around, I was unable to find out what I was looking for so I decided to ask here.

Recently, I moved VMPro to a new server (the old server was end of life and having issues.)
All our IVRs work fine, voicemail is working fine, as far as I can tell everything was 100% after the migration until Friday.

I opened Avaya Manager from the new VMPro server and down went our IVRs. Incoming calls received a fast busy. In the past, we had VMPro, CCR, Xima Chronicall, and the Avaya Admin tools running on one machine without issue. What could possibly be happening?

tl;dr: When I open Manager on the same server that VMPro runs on, our IVRs die.

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