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gsanadze 11-18-2016 08:57 AM

Can not insert IVR scritp in to Call Flow
I strictly follow installation, I have created IVR Script, but when I try to insert IVR Script element in to Call Flow page, I can not select IVR Scritp in the menu (not shown).
I aslo can not assign IVR to IVR Script in IVR Script properties, as shown in documentation - seems by defaul I just have no any IVRin the system at all.

Question1: do I have to create IVR in configuration menu before I create IVR script? And if yes, why it is not documented?
Question 2: Even when I manually created IVR in configuration menu and thean I can assign IVR Script to existing IVR, the script anyway does not appear when I add IVR Script element in to Call Flow.

Please, assist.

kruegerb 11-19-2016 09:04 AM

how was the initial configuration done?
When the basic configuration done by Excel Dataimport tool or Landing page (WebAdministration) always an IVR is created.
When you created an IVR manually, have you assigned it to the PBXtaskserver in PBX configuration?

gsanadze 11-21-2016 02:36 AM

Configuring IVR
Many thanks for reply. Seems I need a broader hint

1) I see no any indication about IVR parameters to be set in both Web management interface or in standard Excel Dataimport worksheet. There is only one parameter to configure - quantity of IVR channels. So, unswering your questiuon: how was the initial configuration done? - I may say I did't put any IVR specific parameters in to the Excle file. I simply did't find where. If you know where - please, assist.
2) Second issue - creation of IVR manually. That step is not documented (again may be I did't find) - so I don't know what parameters to put there.
they are:
- Name (I suppose any name?)
-Type - can be Voice Control or External - which to select?
-Host - what should I put here?
TCP Port
Mail Server
Default Script

There are also Trunk line allocation, Scripts, Voice Mail

What it is about? Any info?

Many thanks in advance,



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