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rasifshabbir 07-25-2020 09:58 AM

hotline feature
Hi Team,

Does 1403 phone support hotline feature in IPOffice Rel 11?

Also, do all digital phones support hotline feature in IPO Rel 11?

Also which are the JXX series phones support Hotline feature in IPO Rel 11



markgallagher 07-27-2020 12:50 AM

If by "Hotline feature" you mean automatically dialing a number if the phone simply goes off-hook:

- 1403: Yes

- All digit phones: Yes.

- All J100 Series: Those that run in what is called 'stimulus' mode, yes. So not the J129.

Caveat to all those is not if any the phones has been set to use en-bloc dialing (Features | Call Settings | Enbloc Dial).

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