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jrossl 12-17-2019 10:53 AM

CMS Supervisor Error
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I am having issues with CMS Supervisor Thick Client. When I login and try to click basically anything, I get the attached error. Then if I log out of CMS attempt go log back in, it is frozen. The odd thing about this issue that I have noticed is when I shut down the application, acsFENG.exe stays running in the Task Manager and has to be manually ended, or it will cause issue when attempting to relaunch the program and log in.

I dug for the log files, and this is what I found in my ERROR log-

**Error Log Start** (CVS V19.0 NA.10) Tue Dec 17 11:22:48 2019
112313:096 16 2 -28452 [04]ACSTRANS CPROTOCOL::PktT:04237 A link timeout condition has occurred. '*PKT_TIMEOUT[start:2][end:3]'
112351:643 4 2 -20131 [05]acsFENG Main: CloseTask:00000 -- '*Deallocating Forms Engine task failed.'
**Error Log Stop** (CVS V19.0 NA.10) Tue Dec 17 11:27:11 2019

Any help would be appreciated! I have uninstalled and reinstalled CMS.

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