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cmario 12-08-2015 03:20 AM

Avaya/Scopia client availability for Linux

We are a NGO involved in Human Rights, located in Paris, with premises in NYC, Brussels, Tunis, Geneva, The Hague and other places throughout the world. We have installed 1 Radvision XT4200 in our headquarters and 2 XT240 in Brussels and Geneva.

The system as a whole works fine, except that we cannot use it widely, because all our staff computers mainly use Ubuntu OS. The Radvision/Avaya system works perfectly between the XT2400 and the XT240s, but as soon as we have to connect with offices without a dedicated system, it's a mess. Our users do prefer to elaborate their visio conferences with Skype, which annoys us a lot in the IT department !

I have tried many hacks in order to use the Avaya/Scopia conference client onto our Ubuntu systems, but none works. Among the hacks I have tested, the 2 tracks I have followed are :

1. try to install the ClientInst.exe (version 8.30) and ScopiaDesktopLauncher.exe (version 1.5.3) with Wine; blocked with many errors, none of the different versions of Wine have worked as expected

2. try to use ChromeApps and the Android AVAYA/Scopia app re-compiled for Chrome; no success

I have heard about the fact that AVAYA development team was working on a web-rtc solution, which could be used with any web browser on any OS, and which could use our existent XT2400 and XT240 systems.

Is anybody in a position to provide me with more information ? Is there a test platform, or a pre-release which I could evaluate ? Are there any other solutions which could allow us to use our equipment together with our Ubuntu clients ?

This is urgent now, as many of our staff are showing decreasing interest in the AVAYA/Scopia solution, and requires from us more and more Skype or other web-rtc solutions (Hello, OpenTok, appear.in, etc.).

I thank you very much for reading me, and hope someone can provide me with relevant answers.


akitte 12-15-2015 09:07 AM

We're majority Linux users at my company and I have to spin up a Windows VM every time I want to use Scopia on my workstation. The November tech transfer states the following road map. We can only hope that the WebRTC based client is truly cross platform compatible.

8.3.4 SP planned for Dec. 2015
iOS 9 fixes
Windows 10 & Edge support

Next major release (targeted Summer 2016)
Conferencing convergence (Scopia & AAC)
Web Client (WebRTC based, Zero install)
Cloud attached XT endpoints

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