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ramsk1 09-12-2018 08:07 AM

Recent AACC 6.4 upgrade Windows alert
Good Afternoon everybody,
We have recently had and upgrade from AACC 6.3 to 6.4 SP12 and are starting to see the following Windows events alerting and also showing in OAM logs, anyone any ideas of what they are:

A request response has returned with an error: sendRmiActiveRequestAndAwaitCompletion():An Error has been returned by CCMS for the request Id[8b68ec85-b4d8-410f-a916-b768c5ca710c] and Request Type[com.nortelnetworks.portal.cmf.sp.request.SpActiveD ropOpenQContactRequestImpl]
subjectId[a3a772f3-17d9-4287-a739-083d7d9de205] with Error Code[The specified feature cannot be accessed. and Error Code[2] and Exception Message[drop():Error - Contact Capabilities for Capability Name [canDrop()] is [false] for Contact State[Invalid], Contact Id[669db1b4-a8b1-4bb5-aa91-cb986705030e].]

Thank you in advance

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