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aturkben 05-29-2015 05:13 AM

IPOCC Licence Questions for Mobile Users

Consider 2 One-X Mobile Prefferred for iPhone (Mobile) users in a system.
They’re connected to the main system without VPN using Advanced Licenses on Session Border Controller.
As far as I know, these Advanced licenses are also concurrent just like the Standard licenses on SBC.

The system is basically;
1 PRI Trunk = 30 Channels
200 Power User
30 Standart + 30 Advanced SBC Licenses. ??

I’ve two questions considering this system.
As you can see I will not be using any SIP Trunk licenses in this system but I’ll have mobile users on 3G and they will connect without VPN.
1- Do I have to buy Standart + Advanced in this scenario? Or only Advanced is enough for this?
2- When an iPhone user calls another iPhone user when they’re both on 3G, which licenses are consumed by the system? As they’re both online, connected and on a call concurrently, would it consume 2 advanced licenses? Or something else?

Best Regards.

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