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tdaway 06-29-2017 01:50 AM

CCTR Meaning
Good day
What does CCTR mean in terms of ACCS.

Thanks in advance.

tdaway 07-06-2017 10:36 PM

Somebody just told me that its simply short for Contact Centre, will work with that for now.

marzahn 07-18-2017 11:43 AM

Questions for the sake of clairity

Originally Posted by tdaway (Post 31495)
Good day
What does CCTR mean in terms of ACCS.

Thanks in advance.

I am never embarrassed by asking what something means. And I have been in the industry for 20 years. Our industry seems to be enamored of acronyms and word substitutions. So I reserve the right to question the meaning of some new buzzword dreamed up by marketing folk over at AVAYA® or Microsoft®. But it’s not just marketing people who are to blame.

I guess that to geeks and Bellheads time is so valuable that we can’t be bogged down with the use of Standard English. So I say “FTP” rather than the multi-syllabic “file transfer protocol;” or “ASA” rather than using the cumbersome “Integrated Management Site Administration.”

Acronyms do have a place. However I try to ensure that my audience understands them. Most annoying are managers who (I swear) try to sound “Geeky” by stringing together as many acronyms as possible in front of a mirror each morning.

This is also true for the appropriation of words to replace perfectly good and descriptive words. Take for example the phrase “finely detailed.” These are two perfectly good words meaning: marked by abundant detail or by thoroughness in explaining something. Their proper use leaves no doubt what is meant. But to some poser this was not good enough.

Instead someone thought it would be “cool” to use the word “granular” instead. What was he or she thinking? Was it a verbal trap to see how many people would keep silent for fear of looking ignorant? Or did that person truly not know that granular means consisting of or appearing to consist of granules or being “grainy.” Its first known use was between 1762 and 1790 according to who does the research. It comes from the Latin granulum or "granule, a little grain." In other words, it has had a consistent meaning for a very long time.

My point is just that you should not feel constrained to ask what something means. If you can’t clearly state what it is you want in Standard English1, we are likely to get into a situation where the client responds to your work with:
“That’s not I asked for.”
Acronyms mean different things to different institutions. For example you might Google the acronym for “Avaya Contact Center Select” sometime. Countless organizations lay claim to the acronym “ACCS.”

I explain it to clients in this way. “Fog equals dollars spent.” That is to say a lack of clarity nearly always leads re-work and increasing project scope. And that almost always leads to budget busting cost over-runs.

1If you and the client both speak that language.:o

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