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csago 09-20-2012 11:27 AM

How To - Linear Group to External Numbers?
I've just been tasked with taking over our Avaya Definity system. Here is the first request, which I'm getting stuck on already. Here is what I need to make:

- Dial 1 number, this will be the Off Hours Support Line
- this extension will need to try and call a list of numbers in a linear fashion, so if nobody answers on the first one, it will ring the second one, etc
- the list of numbers are external cell phones, not internal extensions
- the list of numbers will change order each week, aka taking turns being first in line

I really have no clue how to do this. I've seen that a linear hunt group would do this perfectly if these were internal extensions. But since they are cell phones, there must be some way for the system to determine if it's a human picking up or if it's the VM. So maybe there needs to be a # of rings limitation before moving on to the next number. Ideally changing the order of the numbers should be simple and not require recreating the entire setup each week. Thank you to anyone who can help.

mskinner 10-03-2012 07:38 AM

There is no way to do this without re-administering the system every week. You can do this with coverage, but you would have to go in and change the coverage path every time you want to change the order.

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