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mdepar 07-14-2014 01:25 PM

New voicemail messages not retrievable
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IP Office Voicemail Pro Client 7.0 (28)

This system has run flawlessly for 4+ years. Recently had a single user complain of not being able to retrieve new voicemail messages. Doesn't matter if we use visual voice mail or *17 the only messages played are old ones...none of the new voicemail messages are available.

Browsing to C:\Program Files\Avaya\IP Office\Voicemail Pro\VM\Accounts\username, I found two different naming schemes for the .wav file names. There are dozens with 32 character cryptic names (I consider these to be normal as all others users have the same) and then the most recent have MSGxxxxx.wav file names...these MSG names are the one the user can't retrieve. (I've attached a pic of the two naming schemes)
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Any idea what may have caused this one users .wav file to start a new naming scheme? Can these files be renamed or imported or ?? so the user can listen to these messages?

Any help is appreciated!!

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