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nallbu 05-06-2014 07:52 AM

one-X Agent 3-way conference calls

I have a couple of questions regarding the one-X Agent screen pop triggers which are fired when an agent is on a call with an external customer and then conferences another agent on to the call (making a three-way call).

Firstly, when the first agent (agent A) initiates a three-way conference by dialling another agent using the conference option, one-X Agent simultaneously fires an inbound call: released event for agent A and an outbound call: connected event for the same agent. So it seems that one-X Agent is effectively ending the initial call for agent A, as far as it is concerned, and beginning a new, outbound call.

This is having implications for our client. They respond to these one-X Agent triggers to handle Pause and Resume and ACR functionality. When the scenario I have just described occurs, then Agent 1 subsequently pauses the call, it has no effect on ACR as the client software believes that the call has already ended (due to the inbound call: released event for agent A).

My questions are, why does one-X behave like this and what can we do to get around this problem?

Secondly, we have noticed that, in the event that a three-way conference is in progress and agent 2 hangs up before agent 1, at the point agent 2 hangs up, one-X Agent fires an additional and duplicate outbound call: connected event for agent 1. This seems very strange. Do you know why this would happen?

This is happening in the live client environment. As such, I'd really appreciate a quick response on this.

Many thanks


schowdary 06-17-2014 11:50 PM

one-X Agent 3-way conference calls
Its a design behaviour, this cannot be changed.

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