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fdilalla 07-14-2010 11:37 AM

CCE report request
I'm implementing a CCE solution and my customer wants to monitor this values from CCE reporting.

- accessibility to the service, the ratio in the month concerned the number of time units in which at least one of the lines is free and the total number of time units to initiate the call center with presence of operators, multiplied by 100. I think a Trunk report but in the system I found a Table 'TrunkGroupStatsId’ without record in the fields: UsedTotal e IdleTotal

- waiting time : is the arithmetic mean, in the month concerned waiting times of telephone calls from end users that
a) have talked to an operator, or following a request or following automatic redirection to an operator,
b) despite having requested to speak with an operator, the call is ended before speak with the same operator

- service level: is equal to the ratio in the month concerned, the number of telephone calls for end customers who have actually spoken to an operator and the number of calls for end customers who have requested to speak with an operator or by automated systems have been redirected to a operator multiplied by 100

Is these reports available on the system or have I to create it?
Thanks a lot

vdeo 07-19-2010 10:16 AM

Answering the Forum based on how I understood from the Query Posted:

1)Trunk Level Reports:Currently,there are no reports available at the Trunk Level in the out of the box CCE Reporting Application.Hence you might need to go for customized reports in order to accomplish it.

2a)There are certain reports in the out of the Box CCE Reporting application which give the wait times of the calls on the Split/Skill and the Agent Level

2b)There are also reports in the out of the Box CCE reporting application which give the Abandon time on the Split/Skill level.

The CCE Reporting 4.1 User guide.pdf provides complete reference to all the reporting parameters which are covered in Out of the Box CCE reporting application.

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