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aprosh 11-28-2019 06:16 AM

IPO R11 ISDN+H.323+DECT one side speech
Hi Avaya support community!
Seems that after upgrade IPO SE from R9.0 to R11 customer got a new problem with speech on DECT phones.
We got:
1) IPO Server edition R11
2) IPO 500v2 connected to SE by SCN trunk.
3) ISDN trunk conneted to IPO500v2
4) DECT connected to SE

So call has the next route:
Incoming call comes through ISDN to 500v2, than goes by forward through SCN trunk to Server edition to DECT phone. After answering the call on DECT phone customer hear the voice, but external caller doesnt hear voice from DECT.

Different combinations of codecs on trunks and DECT, and "allow direct media" option doesnt solve the problem.

Can you give some advices about that problem?:confused:

aprosh 01-16-2020 01:53 AM

As the result - swithced trunk connection from primary server to ip500v2 branch, and speech passes correctly. Seems the problem is with codecs or so after multiple forwarding of the call.

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