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mrosat 07-17-2013 11:34 PM

Unable to download
Hi, i try to download this file bes50ge_runtime.v0.0.0.26.bix , 1.0.x, but i can't.
I see Eula but afetr that i got a blank page.


vbulletn 07-18-2013 07:59 AM


I have reviewed your profile and see that your user account is currently not registered against a valid Sold To account with a maintenance contract. In order to download from SFAP, you'll need to associate your user profile against a Sold To.

Here are the instructions:

Login to sso.avaya.com
From the Toolbox (below is a screen cap of the toolbox), select “Request User Type.”
a) Enter a Sold To location number for your company.
b) Click NEXT.
Note: This option is only available if you are currently registered with “No Relationship” type specified. In this case, the options to “View/Request Roles” and “Request User Access Type” are disabled until a customer or Partner relationship has been approved.
Outcome: A message is displayed stating that the request was sent to an administrator for approval. You will receive an e‐mail once your request has been processed.

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