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vand164 12-17-2014 01:31 AM

Buffer Pool 3 dropped below 0 - random restarts IPO500

Since a couple of years we have a IPO500 v2 with release 8.0(53).
Since the beginning it has random restarts. After the first two times it happend our supplier replaced the IPO hardware with a new one, but restored the software configuration.

After a month, again the IPO had a random restart.
Now, almost 1,5 year later it still has it random restarts. (weekly, monthly)
Sometimes on monday's, sometimes on thursday. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. Totally abritrary.
At the moment of the restart i'm not doing any mutations. I dont even have the IPO manager open.
And as i said: random. Sometimes on a quiet friday afternoon. Nothing special happening and boom! IPO lost contact. Al the phones in discovering mode and ****** off co workers. :(

With every random restart i see this error in the log: Buffer Pool 3 dropped below 0 - free 144.
Every time the same error.

Now, our supplier doesnt know how to fix it and adviced us to upgrade to Release 9.0.
That is okay, but i doubt that will solve the problem.

What does this error mean?
Is it hardware? Software?

We have a card BRU 4U (9-10) and PRI 2U (9-12) VCM64.

Thanks in advance for at least reading this and hopefully someone can advise me.


1555966627mS PRN: WARNING:
1555966628mS PRN: Buffer pool 3 dropped below 0 - free 144
1555966628mS PRN:
1555966660mS PRN: .U+(3-1)f00bd644 f02d89f4,6095+(3-2)f084ac24 f085af84,3654+(3-3)f084ac24 f08594a0,3438+(3-4)f00bd644 f02d8c44,1999+(3-5)f02d834c f02d8c44,327
1555966661mS PRN: .U+(3-6)f02d834c f02d89f4,271+(3-7)0 0,89+(3-8)f084ac24 f084ee10,48+(3-9)f02d834c f00c709c,15+(3-10)0 0,0
1555966962mS PRN: .I+(3-1)0,5524+(3-2)3c,3999+(3-3)ff,344+(3-4)50,272+(3-5)1,235
1555966962mS PRN: .I+(3-6)2,122+(3-7)6e,104+(3-8)a5,101+(3-9)65,87+(3-10)30,86
1555966975mS PRN: f02ec3f8 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
1555966975mS PRN: IP 500 V2 8.0(53)
1555966975mS PRN: OSBuffer::Alloc Out Of Buffers 1584

********** contact lost with at 14:37:31 16/12/2014 - reselect = 7 **********

mlombardi1 12-18-2014 07:47 AM

Sounds to me like the logs are indicating a memory leak. 8.0.61 does contain several fixes for system restarts: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100172334

Upgrading may not be a bad idea.

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