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hboyle 08-28-2015 07:49 AM

Hunt Groups for Avaya Partner Messaging 7
I'm in a situation where an Avaya Parner Messaging system was installed back in 2004.

Last year, my company closed an office and left it vacant. A few weeks ago, they had me reopen the office but of course we got all new phone numbers.

I still have the admin login and I was able to configure everything else successfully but I'm stumped on this last issue.

We have 5 lines. If someone is on line 1 and then someone else calls line 1 from outside, it just rings and the system never boots it to Line 2 or kicks it to the VM system.

I'm a Server / Network admin and don't have a history of TC support but I'm winging it successfully so far. Am I correct that I'm looking to configure a hunt group? If so, how do I find the prompts to do so? the only way I have to admin the system is through calling the VM system and logging in as admin. No gui, no direct connection to the system via cable. Since the office back in use, I can't be too risky.

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