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hall180 06-28-2013 09:10 AM

Outlook Plug-In / Server version compatibility
We currently have MM5.2 SP9 deployed on the server.

We are planning a desktop rollout with Win 7 SP1 and Outlook 2010 SP1.

Now the Outlook plug-in for MM5.2 SP9 is v9.2.484.9006 but this is not supported on Win 7 SP1 or with Outlook 2010 SP1.

The latest version of the Outlook plug-in v9.2.717.15000 is supported on this platform but requires MM5.2 SP15 deployed on the server.

We'd prefer not to have a dependency on upgrading the server, will the latest version of the plug-in work with MM5.2 SP9 on the server? Is this a supported configuration?


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