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petilliw 09-20-2013 05:49 AM

SM to CM SIP Trunks
I have a cluster of CM servers with G650's etc (6.0.1) I also have a SMGR and SM (6.2). Right now the SMGR/SM are just on the network and linked, but are not doing any routing. Everything runs within our CM today. I would like to create an internal SIP trunk between the CM and SM. For right now just to establish connectivity. Nothing else.. no dialplan, etc... I've been scouring the internet for instructions on how to do this, but all I find is instructions for those 2 plus another 3rd party system. I just want to create a working trunk between cm/sm. Does anyone have a good doc to follow on that?

chelungas 09-20-2013 06:08 AM

Hi, the docs you find for integrated CM - SM and others are sufficient, you only have to omit the mention of third partys, then create a sip extension on SM and make some calls.

petilliw 09-20-2013 09:35 AM

I get some of what you're saying. I was able to do the config on the CM as far as the node name, signalling and TG. If my dialplan is all in CM.. do I just take a spare extension and route that over the TG to SM? Not totally clear on what to do with that end. If I just want to see both ends of a Trunk up between, what would be needed for that?

agetor 09-21-2013 07:18 AM


As Chelungas indicated, you only need to do the signalling and trunk config at both ends (CM & SM). If not aware already, SMGR is used to administer SM. You have choice of TCP and TLS protocols depending on your requirements. Pretty straightforward really, if routing patterns, dialplans, etc are not required at the moment.

Here's a link to a sample doc. Just ignore parts you don't need immediately: https://devconnect.avaya.com/public/...M6SM62SBCE.pdf


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