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chan333 01-16-2019 02:18 AM

delete VMs by IPO manager
Dear expert,

One of our client has more than 120 voice mail and I want to delete it.
May I use manage to delete them or going to the site and use the ip phone to delete it one by one?

larset 01-24-2019 12:24 AM

do you have VMPro on that system??

chan333 01-27-2019 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by larset (Post 35048)
do you have VMPro on that system??

No, we only have the essential edition

thiel2 01-28-2019 09:50 AM

Use Visual Voicemail - access the mailbox - access the first message - press More - Press Delete repeatedly until all messages are gone - Press Exit

Use a serial cable to the DTE port on the back of the control unit, and follow these directions

Add this NoUser Source Number
PATCHES 0x0020
Reboot the IPO
Use Telnet to the IPO's IP address to run the same commands as yo would via the serial connection

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