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rime 08-15-2021 01:07 AM

EC500: mobile phone keeps ringing after call answered on desk phone
For a site in Brazil (MFC R2 CAS trunks), the mobile phone keeps ringing after the called user has answered on his desk phone. Eventually, the mobile voice mail answers the call and there is an empty voice mail :D for the mobile device. How can this be troubleshooted/resolved? Thanks in advance!

mlombardi1 08-16-2021 06:20 AM

When the incoming call is answered at the desk, CM sends a disconnect message to terminate the call setup with the mobile device. You should be able to verify this in a trunk trace, although you may need an MST trace to see the Q.931 signaling in detail for this issue. It could be the disconnect is being ignored or arriving too late?

You can try experimenting with some of the options on the off-PBX config set screen. Toggle "Fast Connect on Origination" and test to see if there's any difference.

rime 08-17-2021 07:52 AM

Thanks, "Fast connect on origination" is apparently used in the SIP or H.323 contexts. However, at this Brazil site, the public telephone network is connected with Channel Associated Signaling + Multi Frequency Code R2 register signaling: there is no Q.931 protocol to trace, the only thing in common with ISDN PRI is the layer 1 which is also G.703. :rolleyes:

rime 10-13-2021 05:25 AM

Patch provided by Avaya to address the EC500 issue with CAS MFC R2 trunks
On Oct 11, 2021, Avaya has provided a patch: 01.0.890.0-27167.tar . After initial testing on a LSP, the issue seems to be solved. ;)

milese 10-20-2021 03:11 AM

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