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koch112 07-23-2020 03:09 PM

CMS Agent Licensing
I'm a former Avaya System Engineer. I work for a customer now. We're implementing CMS to replace BCMS.

I think I remember that CMS only required licenses for Supervisors.

In the upgrade proposal, it now includes CMS Agent licenses. Avaya used to sell a CMS Dictionary App for installation on the CMS to assist customers in identifying "stale" CMS Agent IDs. This was done because maintenance true ups would connect to the CMS and count the number of CMS Agents in the Dictionary.

Since the BP is selling us CMS Agent licenses with SA & UA, this tells me that the licensing model has changed.

In our case, we have 100 CM Elite Agents which is fine because this is a "concurrent" license and we always have less than 100 Agents logged in at any one time.

So, the CMS Agent licensing has changed so that every CMS Agent in the Dictionary requires a license? We have 150 Agents which need to be tracked by CMS, so we'll actually need 150 CMS Agent licenses?

What version of CMS did this change with?

koch112 07-28-2020 04:04 PM

Found the answer...
I found the answer and I got incorrect info. You only need to have CMS Agent licenses equal to the number of CC Elite Agent licenses on the CM systems connected to the CMS.

The key is to check your WebLM server to get your peak CC Elite Agent license usage. You can then adjust your CM License via PLDS to a little bit above your peak. You then purchase the same number of CMS Agent licenses to match your CC Elite Agent license count.

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