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taulb 08-31-2020 12:47 PM

Dial Intercom going through the handset?
What would cause a "Dial Intercom" call to open a talk path through the target's handset instead of the speaker? IP Office 500v2 11.1 is the system.

A call comes in on the main line (POTS connected to a combo card)
The main attendant answers the call, then puts the caller on hold.
The attendant then hits the button programmed for "Dial Intercom" and then hits the appropriate "user" button programmed on her button module.

Instead of the called extension hearing audio through the speaker, you can hear the attendant talking only from the handset. (And, just to be clear, the handset is sitting in the cradle the whole time.)

And best of all, of course, is this happens intermittently. Fortunately I was there once to witness it.


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