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rpetty 06-01-2010 08:41 AM

DECT IP Trunks
Avaya system using S8710 servers upgraded to Software Version R015x.02.0.947.3
Installed AVAYA DECT 6.0 system with a master and standby master IPBS. 10 members of a trunk group are associated with signalling group 7 that points to the master IPBS. 10 members of the same trunk group are associated with signalling group 6 that point to the standby master IPBS. The 10 members with signaling group 6 show in service. They should show as being in a standby mode so that when the master goes down the calls are routed to the standby master. Unless the master is down the standby master is not operationally ready to process calls.

The scenario is when calls are made to a phone number that is being monitored using list trace the calls increment through the trunk group members from one to ten ringing the DECT phone correctly, the eleventh through 20th calls do not ring the DECT phone because the standby master is not operational.

What settings need to be changed to trigger the state of the members associated with signaling group 6 to be out of service until the master is out of service?

jjoshi 06-02-2010 02:02 AM


I would recommend you to verify your IPBS and CM configuration related to DECT using the document:-
Avaya DECT R4
Installation and Administration Manual

The link for this document is mentioned below:-

Plz see pages 115,116 for IPBS trunk setup and pages 184 to 189 for CM side trunk /signaling group setup.

If the issue still persists, you can always open a ticket with AVAYA Backbone team for further troubleshooting.

rpetty 09-09-2010 06:31 AM

The documentation in the DECT manual was very vague and did not fully explain this issue of how the DECT system interacts with Call Manager (CM).

Two trunk groups with seperate signalling groups need to be set up, the first trunk group points to the master IPBS, the second trunk group (TG) points to the standby master IPBS. The Xmobile stations in CM need to to have the number of the first TG in the "mobility trunk group" field. When the master IPBS fails and the standby master IPBS detects the failure, the standby master IPBS communicates to CM. CM then changes all Xmobile "mobility trunk group" fields to the TG pointed at the standby master IPBS.

Thanks to AVAYA tech support for helping to solve this issue.

fdilalla 07-25-2012 07:22 AM

I'm going to implement the same system, I've configured two trunks and signaling on CM
The difference between the manual and my configuration is that the trunk on IPBS standby is active and not up like indicated on the manual.
Is it correct ?
Thanks a lot

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