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materwey 03-14-2019 10:14 AM

cdr for internal calls
Aura 6.3 using Microcall for call tracking. I believe I have all the settings correct yet I am not able to track the following internal calls:

X6000 is VDN
vector gives option to go to another vector if press 1 or route to a hunt group if press 2
we are trying to get call volume for that option number 2, calls to the hunt group.

Internal extension dials vdn and chooses 2 - All I can see the internal extension dialing the vdn. The length of the entire call is recorded on this one call record. There is no other record to show the call being answered at the hunt group.

However, If I dial from an outside phone number and choose option 2, I can see the call to the vdn and also see the hunt group member that answered the call.

What am I missing? :confused:

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