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robin13 02-23-2012 06:25 AM

I have 2 sites Site A is 1000e 7.5 with session and system manager and pilot. Site B is 100e 5.5 registered to site A via Session Manager If a extention on B calls a extention on A which is Fwd to Cpilot the call is set up but just cuts of immediately also if callls at B call Phantom at A and DCFw is set to Callpilot and Phantom number in SDN table going to a menu same happens:confused:

vinayaks 04-01-2012 10:29 PM


Since the call does get setup as you say and cuts immediately,so the config might be ok here.

what i can suggest is :

1)update CS,SS(on both ends) and Callpilot to latest patch line-ups.
2)Turn off MSEC parameter in load 17 on both systems and check if it works.
3)If VGWs are involved in the call,update MGC and MC32's to latest Loadware/FW as well.

Having done all of above,if the issue persists,it might make sense to open a Techinical ticket for further investigation.

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