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wawior 03-15-2013 08:08 AM

AACC customer contact history multimedia + voice

Does "CI Customer Web Service"
include Voice history contact?

If that Web Service provide only email-like contact history, from where we can get voice contact history?

Thanks for help


justinorod 03-18-2013 11:16 AM


If the contact created in CCMM DB either by webinterface or by CC agent has phone number then all the subsequent voice calls from this number will be tagged alongwith multimedia records for that customer. You can enable to display voice calls + MM records in AAAD client using CCMM administrator.


wawior 03-20-2013 12:16 AM

thanks for answer! :)

Correct me if I'm wrong - so using Web Comm SDK I will be able to retrieve all history contacts in the same scope as it is dislayed in AAAD (both MM and Voice)?

Another question comes in meanwhile:
Is it possible to add customer contact record programmaticly? suppose some action takes place in CRM system (eg. order is ready to send) and I what to make it visible in customer contact history in AAAD (or 3rd party applicatione through WebComms SDK)


justinorod 03-21-2013 12:46 AM


To answer your first quetion, I don't think WebCom SDK will help you retrieve any data it infact feeds the data (customer details) to CCMM DB.

Answer to your next quetion is yes, you can probably develop third party application and refer source code that comes with WebCom SDK to see how parameters are passed to create Customer profile.

I'm not sure wheteher you can modify customer history details, AAAD fetches contact history from inbuit reporting mechanism if i'm not wrong.


wawior 03-21-2013 03:28 AM

I'm a little bit confused :)

In specification we can find:

The Web Communications Web services provide an open interface to the Avaya AuraŽ Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) database. The web service architecture provides a platform independent interface that can be accessed from Microsoft .NET and Java applications. The interface allows integration of customer Web sites and third-party applications with the Contact Center Multimedia system.

The Web Communications services provide a range of methods that allow client applications to:

  • Create new customers
  • Log in, and subsequently log out, customers and administrators
  • Create customer contacts
  • Update customer details
  • Read customer details
  • Read customers' contact histories
  • Read details of individual contacts
  • Create and maintain a Web Communications chat session

The methods used to access this functionality are provided by the following Web services:

  • CI Action Web Service
  • CI Address Web Service
  • CI Contact Web Service
  • CI Customer Web Service
  • CI CustomField Web Service
  • CI EmailAddress Web Service
  • CI PhoneNumber Web Service
  • CI Skillset Web Service
  • CI Utility Web Service
  • CI WebComms Web Service

There's nothing else than to believe that it is possible to get voice+MM contact history from 3rd party app :)


justinorod 03-21-2013 11:56 PM


It will be little complicated to get history details whether MM or voice in third party application except AAAD.

You should probably put your queries to DevConnect.


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