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sthomen 10-19-2016 10:59 AM

IP Office embedded VM Auto Attendant - Choppy / Distorted / Garbled
I have a customer with IP Office 500v2 9.1.5 systems installed at their stores and they all use the embedded VM for their Auto Attendant. At several of their sites the AA greetings will become distorted (almost sound robotic when you call into them). During this time there will be an alarm in System Status that says 'All VM Channels in use' even though there are currently no active calls. The call will eventually overflow to the customer service location and the call is fine at that point, both parties can hear each other. A reboot resolves the issue but may or may not come back (days, weeks, months later). We have replaced every component of the system (main cabinet, SD Card, VCM, 16 port trunk cabinet) and only at one site did replacing the SD card appear to 'fix' the issue...at least it has not returned. Currently have a site that we have replace the SD card 2 different times and the issue keeps returning.

I can't find much information on this when searching either the forums or the internet but hoping someone has had this issue before and may know exactly what is happening. Is it possible there are that many bad SD cards out there?

Any help would be appreciated!


abrink 10-20-2016 02:59 PM

If the sites are connected as a IP Office Line for SCN, see in 'VoIP Settings' tab. If 'Allow Direct Media Path' is checked, uncheck that and test again. I have had installs that had similar instances where unchecking that option the audio quality resolved.

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